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What are the 7 ways to a generous life?

Get the insights we share with churches around the country.

When it comes to generosity, there are so many ways to teach and lead others. (Hint: Giving is not just about money!)

In this video, you’ll encounter the message we bring to churches and pastors everywhere. I’m especially proud to involve my 17-year-old son, Drew (my travel buddy), which adds a fun “generational generosity” twist!


Are You Leading a Generous Church?

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Looking to dip your toe into generosity as a church?

Check out the “I Like Giving” Small Group Experience.

In this small group study, participants will be challenged with fresh ideas and engaging conversation to understand generosity in ways they’ve never considered before.

This book is meant to be used alongside your copy of I Like Giving: The Transforming Power of a Generous.


Our small group LOVED this study! This experience was a great way to facilitate discussions about generosity. The videos were a fantastic springboard for dynamic interactions within the group. Highly recommend!
— Molly, Small Group Participant