Each of the I Like Giving films tell a different story of generosity, and each is unique and inspiring. Watch one (or all) of them and then

go and live generously.


I Like Bugshells.

Two little girls believe everyone should have a chance to drink clean water, so they decide to do something about it.

I Like Military.

A military family reunites after 11 months apart and is pleasantly surprised by the lengths someone will go to thank them.

I Like Being 98.

98-year-old Evelyn is a friend to her neighbor Joyce and believes we should all contribute to society.


I Like Adoption.

The Dennehy's decide to give the gift of 'family' to nine children from around the world.

I Like Veteran.

A man who has served his country finds himself in need of a helping hand. A modern day good samaritan steps in to help him out.

I Like Soccer Balls.

A nine year old boy takes a trip overseas and discovers that people not only need food and water, but soccer balls too.


I Like Organ Donors.

Holly's liver failed and her life came to an immediate halt. One man's generosity saved her life.

I Like iPad.

A young woman gives up something that she needs to make a difference for a child with autism who needs it more.

I Like Listening.

The joy of a simple act of generosity changes the way a couple lives.


I Like Fast Cars.

Eric shares his possessions and gives kids the ride of their lives.

I Like Car.

A woman gives everything she has to a widow and is surprised by the response of those around her.

I Like Wedding Ring.

We look for love, but we fill our hearts with material things. Ali shares her journey of finding value in generosity.


I Like My Dad.

After discovering his father has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, Graham decides to help him fulfill his bucket list.

I Like College.

A story about two college students and how generosity saved one's opportunity for higher education.

I Like Laughter.

Michael Jr. is a comedian that sees his career as a chance to "give laughs." How can you be the punch line?


I Like Bike.

A newspaper article inspires a suburban family to take a wild goose chase into uncharted territory to make a wrong right.


I Like Bow Ties, Not Bullying.

Joshua turns his pain from being bullied to power that he uses to help others.


I Like Foster Care.

The Hutton’s give the gift of family to children in need.


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