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They gave their employees $50…to give away.

How do you inspire generosity in the workplace?

These business owners had a few ideas. Through their own financial ups and downs, they learned the lesson of generosity and how rewarding it can be to give back.

Discover how they’re using their financial success to challenge their employees to do the same—an inspiring lesson in generosity to us all!


Want to be generous but not sure how?

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How do you live generously in a selfie world?

Everyday Generosity shares practical ways to think of others first.

In this book, Brad and Drew Formsma share tangible takeaways to become more others-focused and experience the true joy that comes from giving. Full of practical, simple actions, this book teaches generosity to parents and kids alike. Generosity has the power to change the world!

Everyday Generosity

It’s heart-warming and inspiring. After reading, I went on a giving spree, and it rippled to my husband. The core message of the book hit a nerve spot-on and WORKED!
— Kim